Carry The Load “Clint’s Story”

SIXSITE “Learning From Experience”

SIXSITE “Transition”

SIXSITE “Freedom”

SIXSITE “American Made”

SIXSITE “Fit and Function”


SIXSITE “Heritage”

Mary Kay “Youthfinity”

AT&T / The Grand Ole Opry “White Lightening”

Eli Young Band "Recording 10,000 Town"

Eli Young Band “In The Studio”

Clubster “Club Communications”

Trumaker "Outfitter"

Trumaker “Being An Outfitter”

Oribe "Jodie Gilliam"

Oribe “Jodie Gilliam”

Dickies “Workwear Delivered”

AHA “Dana Vollmer”

Starwood Preferred Group "Member Rewards"

SPG “Member Rewards”

Big Thought "Thriving Minds"

Big Thought “Thriving Minds”

Dallas Observer "Music Awards"

Dallas Observer “Music Awards”

Little Heroes "Celebrity Baseball"

Little Heroes “Celebrity Baseball”

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.12.41 PM

Eli Young Band “New Faces”

DCVB "Western Culture"

DCVB “Western Culture”

City Of Plano "Balloon Festival"

City Of Plano “Balloon Festival”

Max Azria "Winter '09 Collection"

Max Azria “Winter ’09 Collection”

Metro Diner "Downtown Location"

Metro Diner “Downtown Location”



















Tower Vodka “Small”

Mary Kay “Lash Intensity”

Warheads “The Road To Sour”

AdvoCare “MLS: Be A Champion”

Timberland “Groveton Collection”

CMT "Say Goodnight Video Debut"

CMT “Say Goodnight Video Debut”

I Am Second "Sean Lowe"

I Am Second “Sean Lowe”

Mystery Tackle Box "KBA Hot Product"

Mystery Tackle Box “KBA Hot Product”

Mariner Sails "Kayak Bass Adventures Hot Product"

Mariner Sails “KBA Hot Product”

SPCA "Truth Behind The Cute"

SPCA “Truth Behind The Cute”

Kookie Karma "Eat Real Food"

Kookie Karma “Eat Real Food” “Healthcare”











I Am Second “Sean Lowe”

The Curiosity Collective: The Difference Between Science & Religion

The Curiosity Collective: Science & Religion

The Curiosity Collective: Acceptance In Culture

The Curiosity Collective: Acceptance In Culture

The Curiosity Collective: The Pursuit Of Purpose

The Curiosity Collective: The Pursuit Of Purpose

I Am Second “Duche Bradley”

Air Review "Local Music"

Artist Interview: Air Review

An Iside Look At Gospel Choirs

An Inside Look At Gospel Choirs

Future Of Downtown Dallas

United Commercial Realty "Jack Gosnell"

Jack Gosnell: Real Estate Guru

Lauren Larsen "Beauty Everywhere"

Lauren Larsen Photography

The Whigs Record Mission Control

Rooney: Behind The Camera

Next Year Country







Granger Smith "Miles & Mud Tires"

Granger Smith “Miles & Mud Tires”

Earl Dibbles Jr "Country Boy Love"

Earl Dibbles Jr “Country Boy Love”

Granger Smith "Silverado Bench Seat"

Granger Smith “Silverado Bench Seat”

Greg Bates "I Did It For The Girl"

Greg Bates “I Did It For The Girl”

Time For Three "Stronger"

Time For Three “Stronger”

Chris Young "Tomorrow"

Chris Young “Tomorrow”

Lissy Trullie "Ready For The Floor"

Lissy Trullie “Ready For The Floor”

Rooney "I Should've Been After You"

Rooney “I Should’ve Been After You”

La Rocca "Some You Lose"

La Rocca “Some You Lose”

Dijon :A Kid's Point Of View"

Dijon “A Kid’s Point Of View”

Wildbirds "421"

The Wildbirds “421”

All Time Low "Six Feet Under The Stars"

All Time Low “Six Feet Under The Stars”

Radiant "That Girl"

Radiant “That Girl”

Supercreep "Fire Escapes"

Supercreep “Fire Escapes”

Jennifer Hanson "Joyride"

Jennifer Hanson “Joyride”

Good Charlotte “Keep Your Hands Off My Girl”

Green Day "Whatsername"

Green Day “Whatsername”

La Rocca "Sketches"

La Rocca “Sketches”

Supercreep "Mushroom Cloud"

Supercreep “Mushroom Cloud”

Mest "Take Me Away"

Mest “Take Me Away”